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Benefits of Financial Planning

A financial planner guiding you through a well-defined process you will result in many benefits to you. The Board of Standards for the Financial Planning profession has developed “practice standards” (www.cfp.net/learn/standards,asp) governing this process. While these standards give each planner some latitude, you can expect the process to address specific financial issues, enabling you to:

  • Reduce the stress of dealing with financial decisions
  • Understand what is possible and what is mere speculation
  • Focus on the underlying issues that lead to satisfaction, rather than being distracted and making unnecessary expenditures on things that don’t contribute to your goals
  • Understand yourself better and determine what is really important in your life by exploring various financial scenarios (modeling) to identify ways to achieve your goals
  • Finalize an overall plan to maximize the probability of accomplishing your dreams while minimizing the risks, thereby providing peace of mind.

In short, the benefits of planning are a combination of services and advice unique to each individual, providing some degree of confidence about an uncertain and unknowable future.


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