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Our Planning Process
Once you notify us of your desire for financial planning the process begins with creating your comprehensive plan.

Step 1
Initial, no charge consultation
• Initial meeting to explore your needs.
• Provide an estimate for the cost of our services,
based on your needs, if you decide to hire PFPI.
• Explanation of what will be needed for the data
gathering session.
Step 2 Decision to work together • We mutually agree on whether we wish to work
Step 3
Data gathering session

• Review your reasons for needing financial planning
• Identify the lifestyle you wish to have or maintain.
• Get a better understanding of your current situation.
• Determine a baseline for future projections based on your cash flow needs and current financial obligations.

Step 4 Information analysis

• Analyze data
• Prepare a first draft of the financial plan for your
• Review each plan section in detail, specifically net
worth and cash flow.
• Discuss initial implications of the plan and any
alternatives and recommendations.

Step 5 Final Plan Meeting • Review changes, any additional scenarios and
• Emphasis on funding of objectives and needed
implementation steps.

At the end of the final planning meeting, you will need to let us know how much help you will need from PFPI for the ongoing implementing and monitoring of the plan. We call this portion of the process "Funding Your Objectives".

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