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Funding Your Objectives

When creating your comprehensive plan, we defined your risk tolerance and cash flow needs to project the timeline needed to accomplish your goals. We then established an asset allocation that describes the asset classes (equities, bonds, real estate, etc) how much of each class is to be invested, and eventually the diversification of investments within these assets based on your specific situation.

This diversification entailed both active and passive securities in growth and value styles. Suggestions for investments to use in starting the process were already given as part of the plan. However, to fund your objectives, the investments need to be implemented and subsequently monitored to ensure that performance moves consistently towards your objectives.

When you hire PFPI to implement and monitor your plan, we provide on-going financial planning and investment management. An Investment Policy Statement and an Investment Management Agreement are signed to start the investment management

To monitor the portfolio we assess trends, track performance, evaluate new opportunities and report on the results. As new money is received or the portfolio has to be organized for withdrawals, implementation evolves to meet these needs. Investing is a continual process. As part of our monitoring, we provide quarterly reports and offer an annual review of your situation, which allows us to stay abreast of the changes in your life. Your responsibility during the monitoring phase is to keep us updated on any changes in your life or modifications to your objectives. We are always available to discuss whatever you are facing and the decisions you need to make.


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