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Using Your Action Plan

Your action plan is developed during the process of creating your comprehensive financial plan. It identifies the decisions you will need to make in the next phase of the process, "Funding Your Objectives," in order to bring your current financial situation in line with what you expect to achieve. Some of these decisions you will make yourself, others we can assist you with, but ultimately, it is your follow through that will determine if your comprehensive plan will come to fruition.

The action plan may include items such as requiring a redistribution of assets for estate planning purposes, opening tax-advantaged accounts, updating estate documents, and reviewing cash flows. Other items may entail the evaluation and selection of insurance companies to help manage your risk in life, disability and long-term care coverage, as well as liabilities for auto, home and catastrophic events.

Depending on your situation, the action plan may also include contact information for tax and estate planning professionals, and, if you request, provide for the coordination of these professionals as part of your plan implementation.

Once you have decided which tasks on the action plan you will undertake and which ones you will engage PFPI for, the process moves to "Funding Your Objectives." In this phase the actions identified need to be completed and monitored to ensure the best chance of achieving your goals.

"Your action plan identifies the decisions you will need to make in
the next
phase of the process"

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